ESCAPE ROOM WISCONSIN Presents an ALL NEW event for 2017!

You and your team will have 3 hours to solve puzzles, follow clues and locate all 12 missing agents. 

Escape Appleton 2017 is a massive scavenger hunt that blends the concept of the hit T.V. show The Amazing Race with elements of the popular escape room craze!

Can your team find all 12 Agents before the double agents find you? 


Last year's event sold out within 2 weeks. 


Escape Room Wisconsin presents their yearly adult social event, Escape Appleton!

You and your friends will be tasked with the mission to solve puzzles, decipher clues and find all 12 members of Agent 22's task force. These 12 secret agents are dressed in everyday apparel and will be scattered around the Appleton area. It's up to YOU to find them before the hit men find you! Your team will have 3 hours to locate all 12 agents and collect their Agent ID's before time runs out! Can you do it?

Each team will start at Escape Room Wisconsin and receive a case box. The case box will hold all of the tools needed to effectively solve the mystery. 

Solve the puzzles, find the agents and avoid the hit men. The winning team will be announced at the Escape Appleton afterparty located at Deja Vu Martini Lounge . Deja Vu will be offering up some awesome specials for all participants!